The domain Fichet, is situated in Southern Burgundy in a small village named « Igé », and more exactly in the hamlet « Le Martoret ».

Of wine growers’ family since several generations, the only one Francis Fichet took the risk of creating his domain by withdrawing from the cooperative cellar of the village, during a wines crisis in 1976. The domain counted then approximately 11Ha of vineyards, among which 3/4 were vines of Gamay and Pinot noir, the rest being some Chardonnay. Francis Fichet, who had it by no means the experience(experiment), knew how to nevertheless quickly master the essential stage of the wine making, his talent asserting itself mainly with the red vines, of Gamay and Pinot noir.

Cooperative of the village, during a crisis of wines in 1976.

By proposing quality wines, Francis Fichet acquired a certain fame with the wine-making world.

Before his elder son, Pierre-Yves, joins with him in 1988, Francis Fichet marketed at this moment between 45000 in 50000 bottles a year.

His brother Olivier joining them in 1990.

The Domain FICHET had been born!!!

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