Vineyard of Burgy

Since 2005, Olivier FICHET invested personally in new vineyard. This Domain situated in the village of Burgy, in 12 km North of Igé, is a part of the elite of Mâcon Villages in Chardonnay, situated in Southern Burgundy.

7 hectares compose this Domain, 6.5 in Chardonnay, 0.5 in Gamay and Pinot noir. Having set up an exercise book of responsibilities, strict for the person in charge of production, I can harvest of very beautiful very mature grapes, which I convert into wine myself.

Three vintages are converted into wine:

  • Mâcon Villages Primeur Chardonnay (1 ha) marketed on 3rd Thursday of November
  • Mâcon Villages Chardonnay  » Soil of Burgy « , for the greater part _ (5 ha of Chardonnay(Chardonnays)). It is an assembly of several plots of land of Chardonnayplanted on the village of Burgy. Situated on a hillside that allows to spread out the grape harvests to obtain very beautiful maturities.
  • Mâcon-Burgy Chardonnay  » Les Verchères  » (1 ha) in oak barrels.

Verchères, stemming from old vineyards, very well exposed, on a hillside the production of which is very well mastered, the very airy grapes, and a perfect maturity, converted into wine in oak barrels in 100 %. After a « égrappage », the grape harvest is soaked approximately low-temperature 24 hours, before being presured slowly and at low pressure in a pneumatic press. Put is before fermentation there, this one takes place very slowly, to end near the spring, after a breeding from 8 to 10 months.

The Vineyard of Burgy is worked in the same spirit than Igé, with a specification trés strict set up by Olivier, so that Dominique (production manager to Burgy) can work in the respect for the soil. A part of this vineyard is converted into wine by Dominique which elaborates sensational « Cremant de Bourgogne », for tradition house CHARNAY since several generation to Burgy!

The work of the maitre of Wine storehouse stays in Olivier’s initiative as for the Vineyard of Igé, the practices are always based on the respect for the soilwith a good wine making appropriate to every vintage!

domaine fichet-burgy