Vineyard of Igé

The domain Fichet, is situated in Burgundy in a small village named « Igé », and more exactly to the hamlet « Le Martoret ». Of wine growers’ family since several generations, Francis Fichet was the one who took the risk of creating his domain by withdrawing from the cooperative cellar of the village, during a wines crisis in 1976.

The domain counted then approximately 11Ha of vineyards, among which 3/4 were vines of Gamay and Pinot noir, the rest being some Chardonnay. Francis Fichet, who had it by no means the experiment, knew how to nevertheless quickly master the essential stage of the wine making, his talent asserting itself mainly with the red vines, of Gamay and Pinot noir.

By proposing quality wines, Francis Fichet acquired a certain fame with the wine-making world. Before his elder son, Pierre-Yves, joins with him in 1988, Francis Fichet marketed at this moment there, between 45 in 50000 bottles a year. His brother Olivier joining them in 1990.

The Domain FICHET had been born!!!

From1990 to today, the domain did not stop getting bigger. The Domain Fichet possesses a vineyard of 26,5 Ha today among which 16 Ha Chardonnay, 7 Ha Pinot noir, 2.5 Ha Gamay and 1 Aligoté Ha of Burgundy.

We find the various vines on both hillsides surrounding the domain. On the Southeast hillside (rising sun), on the argilo-calcareous ground, we find mainly the Pinot noir, the Gamay, as well as the Aligoté, and some new plots of land of Chardonnay(Chardonnays).On the Southwest hillside, on the chalky argilo-calcareous ground, we find only Chardonnays.

The domain always favored the quality of its wines by emphasizing Soils. The first one must to have been emphasized is Mâcon Igé « Château London » in Chardonnay, in 1978 by Francis. It is one of the most renowned localities of Mâconnais. It is upon the arrival of the sons, that other soils were selected for their qualities of grounds and exposure. Olivier knew how to adapt a wine making to each of his vintages to extract the best from it.

  • In 1992, were born Burgundy Pinot noir « Le Vignot », as well as Mâcon Villages « La Crépillionne » Chardonnays.
  • In 1996, Creation of a new vintage « Cremant de Bourgogne » marketed in 2000 to celebrate the passage in the new millennium.
  • In 1999, arrived from the vintage Prestige Mâcon Igé La « Cra  » Chardonnay.
  • In 2000, Creation of the vintage Prestige Burgundy Pinot noir  » La Fraisière « .
  • In 2002, creation of a smouth vintage  » Quintessence du Chardonnay « .
  • In 2005, Olivier acquires a vineyard to Burgy (see vineyard of Burgy).
  • In 2006, first vintage wine of the Vineyard Pouilly-Fuissé.

Further to the expansion of the Domain, in 2006, we invested in new buildings: a wine making cuverie, a wine storehouse with barrels, a storage bottles, a vault of tasting, offices, a conference room to emphasize the quality of our work and develop the direct sales in bottles. On this subject, the domain markets between 150 000 and 180 000 bottles today, in France and in the Export (Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland).

To propose a wider range of products, the Domain Fichet does not stop evolving and it is in 2012 when it acquires new plots of land in Chardonnay of which a recognized locality: Mâcon Igé  » Sous la Roche « .

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