Work on cellar

Real relay of his brother in the manufacturing process of Wines, Olivier is alone since 1996 to take care of the wine making. He has to extract from the grape the character of the soil, keeping specificities and balance of every plot of land of vineyards, and highlight certain « feelings » to the wine tasters. After several fragmented takings, it is him who decides on the order of harvest of grapes. (Locality, vine).

For the « Crémant de Bourgogne », often first collected vintages, because the potential degree does not have to exceed 11° to be able to practise the traditional said « champagne » method.

Always collected in tray of 25 kg in the hand, the grape harvest is pressed and put in tank for a traditional fermentation. Then, at the beginning of the next year, the basic wine is bottled for second fermentation in bottle and is not marketed before at least 12 months, at Domain FICHET.

After 3 or 5 days, following vintages, the fermentation starts, and the maceration last from 8 to 20 days before pressing the fermented grapes.

At this stage, the color, the round tannins and the material are extracted from the film. The breeding is made either in tank for Gamay or there for Pinots noir.

Since 2007, we possess wine making vats of type  » Ganimede  » *, which allow of better extractions before fermentation and to obtain from beautiful with more round and melted tannins, but always with good potential.

The white grapes, forwarded in the « cuvage » after harvest, are also sorted out and « égappage », put in tank of maceration for certain vintages for 24 hours or pressured at once. 24 at 48 am after the pressing, the grape juice clear and separated from the deposit(warehouse) (muds) to be put in fermentation in tank or in barrels. The Domain is equipped with regulation system of temperature, and ferments Chardonnays, following vintages, of 12 ° in 18°C.

Since 2000, the Domain to selected player 2 plots of land susceptible to obtain from the noble rot ( Botritis), due to the climate and to the soil. New vintage collected in 2 or 3 manual passages by a selection of  » Grains Nobles », the latter are pressured very slowly and raised18 months in barrels to obtain a medium sweet wine of Chardonnay, surprising and captivating. This vintage is only realized for the vintage wines adequate, and snares very limited in quantity.

In following spring, and according to vintages, wines begin to be bottled by our care, with a light filtration previously.

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