Work on vineyard

Domain FICHET is managed by Pierre-Yves and Olivier, two brothers very perfectionists and authentic, each in their very appropriate activity, while being very complementary. Pierre-Yves is responsible for the culture. Hehas, at his expense, all the works of the vineyard, with the precious help of our very meticulous employees in their work. Its purpose being to manage to obtain the most mature grape, and in perfect sanitary state.

All this engenders of course a great deal of vigilance as regards the diseases of the vineyard(and the life of grounds. Minimum treatments and work of grounds – Plowing and enherbement – To protect the nature of grounds and avoid the erosion in hillsides, favor also the shoot of the in-depth roots to remove the best of the « Soil ».

Since 2009, Pierre-yves, works certain soils in BIO*: La Cra and La Fraisère.

* Work of the ground in 100 %, contribution of biodiversity in spring (bacteria favoring the work of the ground and the auto-protection of the plant.), more exactly  » Herb tea of compost « , which falls of the life on the ground +  » trichoderma « : micro-mushroom developing around roots and so allows to favor the nutrition of the plant. Pierre-Yves plans to spread the work in BIO on other soils. In2013, « Château-London » will benefit from it.

The traditional works are made in the hand, and we apply additional works to increase the quality which is the first objective. Plowing-enherbement: 1 rank on 2.

Thinning-out of leaves (only at the level of grapes esteemed rising or north sun) to favor the maturation of the grape, while avoiding the decay naturally. (None chemical anti-decay in the Domain.)

Also, certain plots of land selected for our vintages prestiges, are « ebourgonnees » in spring and if need a green grape harvest is practised in July, to decrease the yield and so favor the concentration of the remaining grapes and so improve the quality of the finished wine.

domaine fichet-vigne